Saturday, September 11, 2010

War on LARD! Update: Paris and the BIG TEST!

I've been away from a scale now for almost a week and I have no quantitative update for you. I've been behaving myself--in fact, I think I've done incredibly well considering I'm in Paris-freakin'-France and every other door you walk by has enough butter fumes coming out of it to mettre un sourire gigantesque sur le visage de Pfizer. Today, I passed the toughest test of all. We were walking in Mouffetard section of Paris where there are literally a ton of challenges. OK, so I did have a gelatio (without the cone) at what is supposed to be the best shop in Paris. But, I walked past this shop 4 times. I photographed it. I smelled it. I translated the menu. Rotisserie chicken with potatoes. And look at those potatoes! They are roasted and then left to bath in the drippings from the chickens as they roast. Maybe it's not too late to run over there...

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