Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dispatch from Médoc: Peut-être un autre cinquante de vin rouge, s'il vous plaît

"Medic?" "No, Jack." "My doc?" "No, Jack." "Nyack, like the place in New York?" "No, Jack, it's Le Médoc. It's one of the finest wine regions of the Bordeaux area of France. Of course, with the skidrow you make us drink, you wouldn't know a Bordeaux from a big toe. But, it just so happens that way back when Mama D'Mestiere was running things, you had an exchange student come to live with you..." "That, I remember, of course." "...and we've been invited to come and visit him. I got the Western Union right here that explains how to get there. Will you look at all those grape vines!"

We set our brake for a couple days in the town of Lesparre-Médoc which just happens to be very near a place where people I know who know about skidrow say is a place to go if you like the sort of skidrow that isn't served on skidrow, follow? My Belgian brother, Roland, and his wonderful femme, Isabelle, have a vacation house in Lesparre-Médoc and we stayed with them for a few days. Roland and I went off tasting some of those red wines.

He doesn't have an internet connection, but he lives in wine country. Let's see, wine, internet, wine, internet, wine, inter...

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