Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dispatch from Versailles: What Brand Loyalty Will Do For You

Readers of this page probably don't know, but I'll tell you now, that Jack travels a lot. He, in particular, spends a lot of time down the valley where he stays at a certain roadhouse that's owned by a certain chain of roadhouses that the company name of starts with Hill minus an L and ends with a measure of weight that is 2,000 pounds. Follow? And it turns out that you can save up enough of what they call points, and then you can turn them in for a free night someplace or another.

Tonight, Dolly-girl and I are in a place called the Trianon Palace, in a place called Versailles, France, and the room comes from those points. It's apparently next door to where the king and queen of France used to live. It's a little funny because we got more than one room, In fact, the reading room, if you get my drift, is bigger than some of the whole rooms we've stayed in on this trip. Here's what a lot of nights down the Valley and up there in Frostbite Falls gets you. Dolly-girl said it seemed like we ought to go and rent another hotel and change clothes before we checked into this one, but hey, I've been tossed out of fancier places than this. Well, may be not...

Me and Dolly-girl decided to tie on the feedbag right in the room--they'll bring you food on a little table, roll it into the room, just like in the movies. Take a look at the whaddaya-want--they even got something for your dog!

Anyway, after this, I guess you know what my road address will be. After all, if you want to stay in the Paris Hilton...

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